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3 Steps to a New Roof

1. Inspection

When you call B. Raines Construction and Roofing for a roof inspection, we’ll thoroughly examine your roof, gutters, and other storm damage free of charge. Storm-damaged spots on your roof are circled and counted. After the roof is examined, the gutters and gutter screens are checked for dents and dings, and the siding is checked for cracks and holes.

Once your inspection is complete, your B. Raines representative will sit down with you and explain their findings. You may be shown photos of the damage to help describe the inspection and to fully understand the extent of damage your home has sustained. If there is enough evidence of storm damage, the next step is to fill out an agreement form designating B. Raines as your contractor of choice, which authorizes us to assist you with your insurance claim.

2. The Insurance Process

If your inspection reveals storm damage, you’ll need to call your insurance company to file a claim (see below). The company will then send an adjuster to your home to perform another inspection. Once the extent of the damage is agreed upon, we can begin estimating the cost of repairs. When an estimate has been finalized, you will receive information in the mail (usually within a couple of weeks after your adjustment date), along with the first of two payments.

If you have a mortgage on your home, your mortgage company’s name may be included on the insurance check, in which case you’ll need their endorsement along with yours before it’s deposited. Please note that the first payment is not always for the entire amount of repairs. That’s because a depreciation sum is held to protect your mortgage company, to make sure that the repairs are being done to your home. Depreciation is the amount of your settlement that is not paid unless and/or until you need it to finish fixing your home, and is based upon the age and condition of the home. Most policies cover full replacement cost minus your deductible.

In some cases, it may be necessary to file a supplemental claim to cover rising costs of labor and materials, or because the adjuster missed something during his inspection. When this happens, we will submit a supplemental claim with supporting documentation. The insurance company will review the supplement and, upon approval, send another check for the additional amount needed to complete the roof construction. This check will be made out to you, the homeowner, and may also need the signature of your mortgage company.

Filing an Insurance Claim Is Easy:

Make the call:

Call the claims department of your insurance company to inform them that you have suffered an insured loss from storm damage, and let them know the date of the occurence. They will assign you a claim number and set an appointment for their adjuster to examine your home.

B. Raines: Your contractor of choice

Let your insurance company know that you have selected B. Raines and Associates to perform your roof repairs at Replacement Cost Value. Consequently, you may not be required to seek additional bids. When you inform us of your claim number and the date of the adjuster’s appointment, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions the adjuster may have. Afterward, please forward us a copy of his summary report so we can ensure that it is complete and accurate. We will then match our contract to the work specified in the summary report and fax the signed contract to the insurance company.

Your payment is on the way

Shortly after your insurance company receives your completed contract, they will send your first check. At that time we will order materials and begin construction. When the project is finished, you’ll receive your final payment.

Remember: Your homeowner’s deductible is your only expense.

3. Construction

As we make preparations to construct your roof, we’ll sit with you to review a thorough checklist of what to expect during the construction process, including the protection of your house and landscaping. Our roofing experts will then build your roof according to manufacturers’ warranty specifications and NRCA standards, and perform a complete cleanup upon completion.
When the repairs to your home are finished, B. Raines will send a certificate of completion to your insurance company, requesting a release of the depreciation and any necessary supplement. That is when the insurance company will send your final check.

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