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Thanks to the efforts of B. Raines Construction and Roofing, we will soon be “sharing” our new slate roof and custom copper work with all our Compton Heights neighbors! It will look just the same as it did when our home was built in 1894!

Kitty & Harry Swanger, St. Louis, MO

My experience with B. Raines Construction and Roofing was great. They clearly are very knowledgeable about the insurance system and did everything that needed to be done in terms of my insurer and mortgage company. They also are very knowledgeable about roofing and did a great job. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and attention to customer service. Brian and Brad were both consistently at the job site to check on the work and took care of whatever needed to be done. I would recommend B. Raines Construction and Roofing without hesitation.

Gretchen Garrison, St. Louis, MO

The weather delayed installation all summer, but the job was completed within one day – job site cleaned thoroughly after – very professional.

Joan Hamilton, Cahokia, IL

Very happy with the work, they were on time, the roof looks great, they even went around the house & tightened up a few pieces of siding for us that were loose. Clean up was very thorough also, we couldn’t even tell they had been in the yard.

Diane & Tim Strawn, Cahokia, IL

Excellent work, no complaints.

Eugene K. Helmich, Cahokia, IL

They are very professional.

John Rice, Clayton, MO

Storm damage to roof – complete replacement required – insurance adjuster did not want to cover complete roof until Brian proved it was needed and then adjuster agreed with him.

Steven Becker, Dupo, IL

Thank you for the great, fast and efficient job! The roof looks great! Your crew did a fantastic job! Everything was picked up and cleaned before I came home from work.

Tom & Dorothy Walker, Cahokia, IL

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how great it was working with Steve Walker. He was always there making sure that everything was going smoothly with our roof installation. He also was great with making sure that everything was taken care of in a timely manner and to my satisfaction.

You have a wonderful employee and I wanted to say thank you!

Heather Deatz, O’Fallon, MO

I am extremely pleased with the new roof. I quite honestly expected excellent work. What I didn’t expect was the extremely high level of customer service. Everyone I dealt with was professional, knowledgeable but equally as important they were very helpful in making the whole process very easy for me. I greatly appreciate that. My schedule is a very hectic one and they took the stress of worrying about putting on a new roof right off my plate. I would highly recommend your work to anyone.

Barbara A. Brinkman, Clayton, MO

Coordination of material delivery was as stated. Crew was on time. The site was left cleaner than any other roofer I have used.

Maureen & Bill Elliott, St. Louis, MO

B. Raines Construction & Roofing provided competent workers for all phases of repair on both the roof & guttering as well as the major repair to the deck. My company contact was always available to consult & kept me up to date on all scheduling & what to expect.

Patricia Williams, St. Charles, MO

B. Raines Construction & Roofing went above and beyond my expectations. My roof was completed in a very timely manner and my property was spotless after construction. They even took care of a few additional items that I was not charged for. My salesmen, Tim Messner was very knowledgeable and made the whole process seamless. The office staff was always there to help if I had any questions in regards to the whole insurance claims process. They were very professional and courteous. Most of all they did all of the communicating with my insurance company making it a hassle free experience for me. I will recommend B. Raines to all of my neighbors, friends and family.

Yeugeniya Sevbo, St. Louis, MO

I had some severe wind damage to my shingles, and siding, last year. My neighborhood was pretty messed up, about this time, last year. Yes, I am a procrastinator! There were tons of storm chasers up, and down, my street from Indiana, Kansas, and even St. Louis, they seemed kinda shady. A couple months ago, during one of our crazy warm weeks, I called B Raines Construction and Roofing, because a guy I know, knows a guy, who knows this Brian Raines character. I was given Brian’s cell number, and he personally came out and looked at my roof and siding. Brian was very professional, but not boring, fun to talk to, work with, and really knew what he was doing. I felt comfortable with him, because he really put me at ease, he came highly recommended, and wasn’t storm chasing, or just trying to make a quick sale, but seemed to care about me as a customer. He really worked for me with insurance as well. When I talked to insurance a while back, they were talking about just fixing a few patches of my siding, and the new stuff wouldn’t have matched due to sun dye, and only wanted to fix half my roof, and none on my garage. Brian called my adjuster, and I could tell they weren’t going to get along when they met at my house, but Brian got my whole house resided, and a new roof on my house and garage. All I had to pay for was my deductible, roofing on my bay window, and siding on my unattached garage. He even got me a new roof on the garage, it didn’t even look damaged to me, but I guess I don’t have an eye for that stuff. They had just finished the job before all the rain, thanks to the great winter, and spring, weather. Thank you B Raines Construction and Roofing, and thank you to my buddy Willie for knowing a guy who knew Brian.

John M., St. Louis, MO

I would recommend B. Raines Construction and Roofing to anyone. They did a fantastic job on my roof and gutters. They were very professional and went above and beyond my expectations. They were right there anytime I had a question and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. Again, I would recommend them to anyone.

Amber D., St. Louis, MO

We had some water leaking into our 3 story home. I called three different contractors and the only one that showed up was B. Raines Construction and Roofing. When they arrived they did a thorough inspection of my property, only to find that I had extensive hail damage on my slate roof. B. Raines stood by through the whole process including dealing with my insurance company. Now, I have a beautiful new slate roof and my house has been restored back to its original historical state. Thank you to everyone including the office staff at B. Raines Construction and Roofing for making this the most pleasurable experience. I would recommend them to anyone.

Diana W., St. Louis, MO
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