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We here at B-Raines have committed ourselves to making your life easier. Our dedication and quality work does not only contribute to replacing and repairing your roof. We also offer additional services from fencing to snow removal, and any general remodeling, rehab, or demolitions.


B-Raines can build you a quality fence to fit your specific needs. Choose from a selection of materials and finishes including wood, chain link, aluminum, and vinyl. We will gladly install or repair your fence however you prefer.

Wood Fencing

A Brand new wooden fence provides you with a classic look that will make you feel right at home. Wood is the most natural, environmentally friendly fence material. They are the most affordable fences because if properly maintained, they will last a very long time. It is easy to make your wood fence unique by painting or staining it.

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b raines wood fencing

Chain link Fencing

Chain link fences are known for their long-lasting durability. The inter-locking of the wire and the steal posts that are cemented in to the ground are the reasons why it is also named the hurricane fence. You may be imaging a boring wired fence, but here at B-Raines we can adjust it to many different heights and styles. Chain link fences are easy to repair, replace, and with a little soap and water they are easy to maintain.

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b raines chain link fencing

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a more elegant choice, available in a rage of styles. They require more maintained but if properly coated, the fence will not rust or require a paint job every year. They are known to be the most secure fence because of their spear-topped pickets that are much harder to break. Aluminum fencing blends with almost every landscape and can be easily adjust to your own here at B-Raines.

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b raines aluminum fencing

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a strong, flexible material that can outlive any weather condition. They make it easy to fence in your pets because they can neither chew nor hurt themselves on it. Vinyl fences will save you money because they require the least amount of your time. They come in a variety of colors to match your home and the color will never fade. There’s no need for any primer to protect it from rust or rotting. All it calls for is a simple spray down. Vinyl fences are easy to install and replace.
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b raines vinyl fence


Wood Decks

Wood decks are a renewable resource that can last many years. They are inexpensive, easy to install and hassle free if stains or sealers are applied. B-Raines will provide your outdoor living space with beautiful, natural wood deck tiles.

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b raines wood deck

Composite Decks

Composite decks are a mix of waste wood or cellulose fiber and plastic. They require a lot less care and don’t need to be stained or sealed. It is available in many textures and colors. They are resistant to rotting and insects. The cost is more up front but because of the little to no maintenance and lost-lasting material, it is worth it.

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b raines composite deck

Windows and Doors

If you are thinking about replacing your windows or doors, B-Raines can help you choose the most affordable, easy to install, products and frame materials for your home. B-Raines windows and doors are designed at maximum durability and are hassle free.

b raines windows door

B-Raines offers top of the line window materials and will introduce you to all different styles and designs like double-hung, casement, slider, picture, you name it. We want to make sure that they are structured to never crack, peel, or chip. If you own an old house your windows are most likely letting the heat escape during the winter. B-Raines can install a more efficient window for you that will end up saving you from all those high utility bills.

Our houses are known for experiencing all kinds of weather climates and it is important to us at B-Raines that your doors do their job. We can prevent energy loss through drafty doors and help you become more efficient. Choose from entry doors, sliding patio doors, French doors and more. The look and feel of our doors at B-Raines will help create a more beautiful home for you.

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Seasonal Services

At B-Raines we will have you prepared for any season. Our storm shelter bunkers are made to protect you from severe weather. This is especially important if your home doesn’t include a basement. We will install your bunker to make it easily accessible and give you peace of mind during a tornado or strong storm. During those rough winter seasons, we can also provide you with holiday lighting and snow removal.

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