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Frequently Asked Questions

I have hail damage from many years ago. Is it too late to file a claim?

No matter when the damage occurred, you can file an insurance claim for up to one year from the date of its discovery. That’s why we say “It’s not too late to get new slate!”

I’m not missing shingles, so does that mean I have no storm damage?

Missing shingles are related to wind damage claims and can happen during a hail storm if the winds are strong enough. However, hail damage can be subtle, and may not physically cause leakage for years after a hail storm.

My roof is new, so isn’t it covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

Manufacturers specifically name hail as an exclusion to their product warranty, as do home builders and roofing contractors. Newer roofs can actually be more susceptible to hail damage than older roofs due to the time it takes a new roof to cure by exposure to the elements.

My roof has minimal or very little damage. Do I need to file a claim?

If your roof has any damage whatsoever, you have a valid claim and should file with your insurance company. If not, you could risk seeing water damage in your home during the coming years.

Will my insurance company cancel my policy if I file a claim?

Storm damage is not your fault, and Missouri law prohibits insurance companies from cancelling policies for those who file a claim arising from storm damage.

If I file a claim, won’t my insurance company raise my premiums?

After a disaster, insurance companies may raise the rates of everyone in the area. By failing to file a claim, your personal rate increase is paying for everyone’s damage but yours.

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